town crier

Newbury's Town Crier Brian Sylvester at Kennet Opera's stand – Queen's Diamond Jubilee, Victoria Park, June 2012.

Kennet Opera needs your support

Kennet Opera is not a trading company; it is an unincorporated association run by volunteers to achieve our goal to encourage the participation and appreciation of concert song and stage opera works. No member of Kennet Opera gets paid for their work, the company is not run to make a profit - just to achieve the best possible for our audience.

While the willingness and enthusiasm of our members helps us keep up the momentum for our activities, the financial pressures of performing high quality productions for the stage, principally the costs of professional musicians and technical crew and hire of the venue, are a significant burden on the company.

Our income usually falls short of our expenditure, and it would not have been possible to stage operatic productions of a high technical standard without the generosity and voluntary work of our members and their supporters. In order to build on our achievements, and to continue to develop as a company, we need to maintain that support.

Financial support and sponsorship from outside the company enables us to maintain a high standard of production, and also to continue our outreach work in the community, especially among young people, benefiting the community in many different ways. Your help to us would be greatly valued, whether as an individual, a group, a trust or a business.

For more information please contact us.