Elixir of Love

Production: The Elixir of Love, 2010

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Kennet Opera membership

Kennet Opera members are a varied cross-section of people but all have two things in common — a love for opera, and a will for the company to succeed.

Those are the only qualifications! Annual membership costs just £60 plus a reasonable fee for productions you take part in. As a member you have an equal share in the company, have full access to all company information, and can help steer and direct the company.

Some of us choose to join as a singer, either in a principal role (by audition) or as a member of the chorus, some to help with costumes or to work backstage, some to help with administration and publicity, some to lend a hand with fund-raising — and all to enjoy the socialising and camaraderie that always accompany a great production.

We are a friendly and social group, but we also are serious about developing talent, and hope that by joining us you will improve stage skills and better your voice for the public.

If you would like to meet the company and find out more about membership, please contact us.