Ugly Sisters, Tisbe (left, Tamsin Slatter) and Clorinda (right, Julie van Haperen), sporting their new hairstyles.


Cinderella's friends and family

What's it like playing an ugly sister?

Our Cinderella is surrounded by her family and her good friend (and Prince Ramiro's advisor) Alidoro. No wicked stepmother, but an obsequious social-climber of a stepfather (Don Magnifico), and two unpleasant stepsisters (Clorinda and Tisbe).

What's it like to play a an ugly stepsister? Says Tamsin Slatter, "Playing Tisbe is a dream. It's great to be allowed to unleash the person inside that polite society encourages us to repress! The sisters are truly self-obsessed and make no secret of their passion for the man they think is Prince Ramiro. They also don't hide their feelings towards the man they think is his servant…"

Favourite line… It's a toss-up between "Darling Princey!" and "But still she's not so beautiful as to compare with me!"