Papageno, Magic Flute

Guy Edwards as Papageno.

The Magic Flute – 2008 production

A study in dark and light

Artistic Director, Oonagh Dockley; Musical Director, Ed Lambert; Producer, Karen Poulson.

With 15 named parts and a 9-piece orchestra, this was KO's most ambitious production to date.

A glorified fairy tale? Perhaps, but "as with many fairy tales, there is a strong undercurrent of social and moral comment focusing on the themes of mortality, truth and virtue, in which good will always triumph over evil … Mozart had a great sense of fun and would have enjoyed the pantomime aspect of this opera, in stark contrast to the Requiem that he was writing at the same time." — from programme notes by Duncan Powell.

From the reviews…

A glance at the cast's biographies gives an idea of the voices Kennet Opera now attracts.

Ian Caddy was outstanding as Sarastro, his professional experience evident in his vocal clarity and control, and his assured but quiet stage presence.

Olivia Hinman's sweetly affecting voice made her an affecting Pamina.

Inspired modern dress costuming set the tone for the production.

Reviews: Newbury Weekly News