macbeth and apparitions

Macbeth consults the apparitions. Lizzie Weller, Simon Meadows, Lydia Finch

Principal roles

Macbeth Simon Meadows
Lady Macbeth Demelza Stafford
Macduff Guy Edwards
Lady in Waiting Sue Whorton
Banquo Szymon Wach
Malcolm Anthony Goffart
Doctor Duncan Powell
Lead Witches/Apparitions  
  Lydia Finch
  Ella Stirmey
  Lizzie Weller
Lead Mercenary John Heywood

Verdi's MACBETH – 2012 production

"The instruments of darkness"

Stage Director, Greg Eldridge; Musical Director, Rebecca Berkley; Producer, Rowena Robinson.

Musically and visually stunning, we think our November 2012 production of Macbeth was the first ever staged in West Berkshire.

In this production, we sought to oppose the forces of mankind – with their love of artificial power structures and the trinkets that symbolise them – with those of nature. Within the world of this production, still ancient Scottish in structure but updated in costume and appearance, the parallels between man and nature may be made as clear as those between the past and the present.


"In full ensembles [the chorus] were powerful and affecting, clearly lifted by singing beside fine professional voices"

"Kennet Opera is now a professional-amateur mix, with professional expertise in this excellent production where it mattered"

From the Newbury Weekly News review

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