Rodolfo and Mimi, Act 3

Rodolfo and Mimi, Act 3 /Andreas Grieger

Principal roles

Mimi Heather Caddick
Rodolfo Guy Edwards
Musetta Jessica Wise
Marcello Charles Allison
Schaunard Jim Petts
Colline John Harrad
Benoit/Alcindoro Anthony Goffart

Puccini's LA BOHEME – 2013 production

Stage Director, Ruth Mariner; Musical Director, Joe Paxton; Producer, Jim Petts.

With new stage and musical directors, and a 15-piece orchestra, Kennet Opera returned to what's probably the world's favourite opera 16 years after first presenting it in Newbury's Corn Exchange.

From the programme:


Photos of La Bohème .

Act 4 principals

Marcello, Musetta, Rodolfo and Mimi, final scene